Haegemonia Walkthrough 2 : Mars Campaign


Mars 1 Mission : Convoy Raid

Main Objective : Capture rogue trader ships.
To do this, use the starmap to locate them (they are 5). Force attack them. After a while, they will surrender and you must stop firing. You can allow one ship to escape but no more than that.

Secondary Objective : An earthling captain has escaped from our jail, destroy his ship.
Changed objective : Return to the vicinity of Mars.

Mars 1 Mission 2 : Mine your own Business

Main objective : Capture the mining base from Earth forces and deploy it on an asteroid so long at it is not near Rhea.
Do not attack the mining base at the beginning of the mission because it's to near Earth, instead wait until it reachs the asteroid belt.
Once you have defeated the two squads defending the base, you will gain automatically control of it. Use your remaining ships to guard it and deploy your base at an asteroid which is at least "Abundant".
Then, you will have new squads available from Mars; use them to guard your mining base.

Secondary objective : Locate Abandoned Ship
Juste fly to the ship to have it under your control.
Changed objective : None.

Mars 1 Mission 3 : Triton Crisis

Main Objective : Defend your base with Colonel Kravis' forces (there are two waves of attacks), and
then retrieve the data that was stolen by Artemov.
Catch Artemov and he will give up the information.
Once it is downloaded he will try to ram your ship. Once the data is downloaded you must move your ships away from him then attack him. If you do not you will be killed.
Once Artemov is dead you must return to Mars with the information.
One or two Earth squads will confront you.
Destroy them or try to continue to Mars without engaging them.

Secondary objective : Destroy an obscuring asteroid. You will gain some experience points and money in reward.
Changed objectives : None.

Mars 1 Mission 4 : Under pressure

Main Objective : Research Proton weapons and spend at least 80% of your research points.
Destroy the mining bases and ships near Neptune.
When you have done that, take care of the 3 squads located near Uranus and the one near Saturn.

Secondary objective : None.

Changed objectives :
1) Build a massive fleet to attack the defense line of Neptune.
2) Hunt the remaining patrols near Uranus and Saturn.

Mars 1 Mission 5 : The final Grand Slam

Main Objective : Defeat Earth
The first mission to complete is actually the secondary objective. You have to take the Precious Cruiser Prototype.
The easiest way to accomplish this is to send all your ships at the start of the mission towards "Precious".
If the Earthlings get there first, attack their towing ship and they will lose control of the prototype cruiser.
Use your towing ship to retrieve it.
Once that is done you will receive more ships from the Martians and are told to proceed to Earth.
Do not do this, instead take your ships to the Moon and defeat the ships that attack you.
Once you have defeated the earthling squads, try to locate the two military bases around earth.
When you have located the bases, a cutscene will run.
You must then protect the Kamikaze ships in order for them to reach their targets.
Divide your forces and set them to guard the Kamikazes ships.
If all goes well, the kamikazes ships will fly to the earthling military bases and crash into them.
The success of this operation will end the mission.

Secondary objective : Try to take "Precious" before the Earth fleet and protect it while it is towed to Mars.

Changed objectives : None.